On Thursday, the Grammy Awards will be held in a city where they’ve been held every year since 1954.

The city, known as “The Grammys,” is now a center for music.

It has a population of approximately 1.6 million people.

The Grammys are a showcase for the best new and classic artists in the world, and the city of San Francisco is known for its music culture.

But what do the Grammy’s mean to this city?

As the first ever Grammy’s to be held on the city’s streets, it will bring attention to the city, its artists, and its music scene.

The new location of the Grammys will be located at the corner of San Jose Street and Second Avenue, a block away from the city center.

A new public space has been created, a “space of pride and a space of opportunity,” as the San Francisco Chronicle put it.

It will be a place where the city and its artists will be welcomed, and an opportunity to “explore new ways to celebrate and collaborate,” as well as “to celebrate and learn from our neighbors.”

The Grammy’s are one of the most coveted awards, with each award taking about a month to be announced, and each winner will be announced at the Grammy Convention.

The winners will be selected in a public vote by the public, who will select a new artist and then vote for their favorite song.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” the city said in a press release.

“The artists who have won have already been very vocal about how important the Grammy is and how they value the event, and we’re looking forward to them sharing their accomplishments in this new environment.”

There will be two days of events at the new location.

On the first day, the artists will perform at a concert at the San Jose Museum of Modern Art.

The second day will feature the city as a backdrop to the live performances.

On Saturday, the city will host a ceremony at a “Grammys of Peace” event in the Mission District.

This is where the winners will give speeches and give interviews.

The ceremonies will be broadcast live on ABC News.

The music is already being streamed to the public.

The live performances will be hosted by the city.

It’s a major move by the mayor’s office, and one that many in the community are supportive of.

“We have been trying to find the right balance between the city doing the work and the artists doing the art and the music,” San Francisco Supervisor Alex Padilla said.

“But the Grammar is really about more than just the music, it’s about the vibrancy of the city in this era of global change.”

This is the first time the city has staged a music festival, and it will be an opportunity for the city to “look back on this past 10 years, to reflect on the progress we’ve made, and to look forward to the future,” said San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.

“San Francisco is ready to take a leap forward.”