The Phoenix Suns have made it clear that they don’t need to sign any free agents this offseason.

That’s the position coach Jeff Hornacek is in.

Hornaceck is one of the NBA’s top coaches, so it would be surprising if he wasn’t working to get his players to sign.

“It would be nice,” Hornaceks coach told the team’s official website.

“But we’ve made it abundantly clear that we’re not going to sign anyone.”

Hornacecks players are on the team through the summer, but he said they would be willing to sign a free agent if it meant the team had enough cap room to do so.

“We want to be smart with our money,” Hornacys coach said.

“If there’s a situation where we’re in that situation, we’re gonna sign a guy.”

The Suns, who are just under the cap, could use a big splash in free agency to add some firepower in the frontcourt and get better depth.

The Suns had the worst record in the league last season, and they could use some extra scoring to go along with a more traditional, defensive-minded approach to the game.

Hornaces players say he’s not going against tradition in terms of the roster, which has had some issues.

“He has the utmost respect for our team, and we respect his decisions,” Horncaceks general manager Ryan McDonough said.

“(We) respect the organization, and the players.”

The team is set to release the full salary cap this season, but it is projected to be under $100 million, and Hornaceys players are hoping that the team can find some cap room by re-signing players.

“They can’t go out and spend big on a guy like me and say, ‘We’re going to take away some of his cap space and just get some extra guys,'” Hornace’s player said.