The Suns are set to have the best jersey for the third consecutive season.

The team’s jersey, designed by the Suns’ owner Andrew Puzder, is a nod to its home market, the Phoenix area.

The Suns are expected to be sold out of the jerseys for the first time ever when they open the 2017-18 season at Phoenix International Airport on Tuesday.

The jersey is the latest in a line of Suns designs that includes a blue-and-white striped jersey for a city known for its diversity and sports culture, as well as an American flag design with the word “U.S.” written on it in white on the left chest and a red-and/or white-striped jersey for Phoenix.

The blue-stripe Suns jersey was a nod back to the team’s roots as a small market team in the 1990s and 2000s.

Its colors include navy blue, black and white, gold and silver, and a metallic blue that has a subtle metallic finish.

The new white-stripped jersey is a continuation of the team logo’s black-and, white-and white look, and features a white jersey in blue, yellow and red stripes.

The designs are inspired by the Phoenix Suns logo, which debuted in the 1950s.

The orange-and green-and yellow Suns logo has been worn by players including Paul Millsap, Jared Dudley, Tyson Chandler and Devin Booker since it debuted.