Health and safety regulators are investigating whether Sun Life Financial Corp. and Sun Prairie Energy Inc. violated California’s sun protection law when they offered to sell solar panels for less than what customers were paying for them, but not the same as they were getting for selling them for more.

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health is looking into whether the companies broke the state’s consumer protection law, according to documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times.

Sun Life issued a statement saying it was “looking into these reports and will take appropriate action.”

Sun Prairie Energy and Sun Life declined to comment.

Sun Life and Sun Energy both declined to release statements about the investigation.

The Department of Occupation Safety and Insulation (OSI) is investigating whether the two companies violated the state consumer protection laws by offering solar panels at a lower cost than what consumers were paying.

Sun Prairie and Sun Lifesource declined to say if they were conducting an investigation, according, to OSI.

Sun Life also declined to respond to questions about whether it was conducting an OSI investigation.OSI spokeswoman Katie Anderson said the agency is “investigating this matter as part of our ongoing effort to improve the safety and soundness of the solar industry.”

Sun Life and Sun Livesource are subsidiaries of the California-based Sun Life Group.

Sunlifesource and SunLife did not respond to requests for comment.

The state Department of Food and Agriculture (DFAS) is also investigating whether solar companies violated California law by offering panels at an artificially low price.

OSI has received complaints from consumers who have received solar panels from Sun Life and other companies, according a spokeswoman.

The complaint was filed last month, according the spokeswoman.

Sun Lifeside is the parent company of Sun Lifefire Energy LLC, a company that makes solar panels.

Sun Energy Group is a holding company for Sun Lifelife Energy LLC and Sun Renewables, a subsidiary of Sun Life Holdings.

Sun Renewable is a subsidiary in its own right.

Sun Energy Holdings is owned by Sun Lifenew Energy.

Sun Renewable also owns Sun Lifeline, which is a provider of solar power to residential and commercial customers in California.

Sun-Renewable also has solar panels, and it also operates a power substation.

Sun-Renegade Energy did not return a request for comment, and Sun-Lift Energy did.

Sun Power Group, which also has a stake in Sun Lifife Energy, did not answer a request seeking comment.

SolarCity also did not reply to a request requesting comment.