Newsroom Newsroom Staff | Business Insider The number of innovative companies in America has exploded since the start of the Great Recession, according to a new report from the Boston Consulting Group.

The data, compiled by the Bipartisan Policy Center and the Economic Policy Institute, suggests that, in the three years from the end of the recession through 2015, more than 20 percent of the companies listed on the Nasdaq went public.

And the number of companies listed at the end last year totaled more than 14,500.

The report says that the rapid growth in the number and size of these companies and the emergence of a new generation of companies that are not necessarily established companies is a reflection of the “disruptive” nature of the economic recovery.

The Boston Consulting group analyzed the number, size and profitability of companies in the U.S. in the years between 2007 and 2015.

The group said that, from 2007 to 2015, there were 8,943 companies listed for sale.

That figure dropped to 3,873 companies by 2015, according the report.

But the companies that went public during that time had a net income of $9.1 billion, the report said.

That included $1.2 billion in profits and $1 billion in debt, according an excerpt of the report released Wednesday.

The net income for companies listed in 2014 was $1,849 million.

The average net income per company was $8.25 million, the BCP report said, noting that the average annual dividend was $2.15 million.