The Canadian Sun Chips, which were first unveiled back in 2009, have had a tough time making it onto our list of favourite flavours.

While they have been around for years, Sun Chips has always seemed like an odd choice for a “premium” flavour.

So how did Sun Chips reach this status?

In the past, Sun Chip flavours were marketed as “fresh” or “healthy” by the manufacturer.

But as it stands, the flavour is a mix of all sorts of things, ranging from chips that have a natural sweetness and a mild flavour to flavours like strawberry and chocolate.

That may be why Sun Chips’ premium status has taken some time to settle.

There are now six Sun Chips flavours on the market.

Some of them, like the Sun Chip Baked Potato, are also available in a “mineral” version, which comes in the form of chips that are mostly water.

Sun Chips are also making their way into new markets.

The Sun Chips Super Crunch, which debuted in the U.K. last year, is one of the few brands that is available in the country, and it has also been making waves in the states of New Jersey and Connecticut.

In fact, Sun chips have even become a snack in some restaurants, and you can even buy a bag of chips in your own kitchen.

We’ve had the pleasure of sampling one of those snacks and it was a treat.

Here are the best of Sun Chips super crunch chips.

Sun Chips SuperCrunch, Sunchip Baked potato, and Sun Chips Ice Cream are available in three flavours: Sun Chips Classic (no salt), Sun Chips Natural (salt), and Sun Chip Natural (sweetener).

Sun chips are sold in a range of sizes, and there are different flavours for different sizes of chips.

This article originally appeared in The Globe and Mail and has been republished here with permission.