Sun Tzus said “No man is entitled to be without his wife and children.

You should have them.

And you should take care of them, even if they are in a foreign land.”

Sun Tzan also said, “A man should love his wife as he loves his child.

He should treat her with the utmost affection.

And he should cherish her with all his heart.”

Sun Ta-sien said that “When a man is alone with his wife, he must always give her a good reason for loving her.”

And “A woman should be always a caretaker of her children.”

Sun Wu-tzu said, “…women should always be in charge of their own household affairs, and should care for their husbands and children, just as they would care for an infant child.”

Sun Tsao-li said that when a man sleeps with a woman, she should be able to control his thoughts and emotions and should be kind to him.

And “When she sleeps with someone else, she must not be tempted by him.

She should not show her nakedness.”

Sun Wen-tsang said that, “Women are to be submissive, obedient, and virtuous.

If a man abuses his wife or commits adultery, he should be punished severely.”

Sun Shu-tzi said, “‘My wife is my lord.

My children are my caretakers.

My family are my ancestors.'”

Sun Yung-shan said that if a man makes a mistake, he will be treated just like any other man.

Sun Chia-yuen said that women are not allowed to work and are not to be treated as equals.

And Sun Tze-chuan said, “[Women] should be modest, and their conduct should be good.”

Sun Chou-shu said that a woman’s “care is her own, and she should not have any one to look after her.

A husband must be strong, independent, and self-reliant.

She must be obedient to him, and the two of them should be devoted to each other.”

Sun Hsien-kuan said that the woman should bear children and “should be the one who gives birth to them.

She is the one to care for the children, and her children are her caretakes.”

Sun Yang-kuo said that “[W]e should have children and keep them healthy, so that they do not have to suffer.

If we want to preserve our family, we must give them plenty of food, shelter, and protection.”

Sun Zhuo-sheng said, “…it is a duty of a woman to care, protect, and be subservient to her husband.

She has to be a good wife and mother.

If her husband has any ill-will, she has to show her good will.”

Sun Chih-kang said, If a woman does not perform her duties properly, she will be punished.

And if she does not fulfill her duties well, she is going to suffer as well.

“Sun Yuh-kung said that in marriage, there are three things a woman must not do: eat meat, drink wine, and take care to maintain a good health.

Sun Tzen-chang said there are four things a man must not have: a wife, a daughter, a wife’s brother, and a wife. Sun Yü-yüeh said that we should not be influenced by our sex.

If men and women are different in their sexual characteristics, the future of our race will be ruined.

Sun Chi-kai said that men should “never talk with women who are not their wives.

If you are the first to come to the house of a lady, she may not accept you.

You must not go out with her, and you must not get in her way.

And women must be treated with respect.

“Sun Wen-yung said men should never make advances on women.

Sun Taichung said women must always obey their husbands.

Sun Wei-hsien said, Women must not speak to men about the state of their marriage.

Sun Zhong-ming said, It is better for a woman who is not a wife to not marry, than for her husband to be unhappy.

Sun Shao-chung said, Men should not “bribe women” with money or give them gifts.

Sun Tsai-yu said women should not steal and do not take part in criminal activity.

Sun Yang said that marriage should be a private affair, not a public affair.

Sun Chou said women’s clothing should be made by their husbands, and they should not take it out for others to see.

Sun Wu said a woman should never leave her husband for an unmarried man.

And when a woman is in charge, she can be trusted.

Sun Hsin-chiao said that all of us should be honest and trustworthy.

Sun Yen-tsung said there is a difference between a man and a woman.

When a man asks a