How to be a great tech startup founder

Tech companies are finding success with a new breed of founders.That’s especially true for the tech startups in the millennial generation, who are more tech-savvy than their parents.They’re more likely to be college-educated, more tech savvy, and more tech oriented than their predecessors.That makes them particularly vulnerable to the forces of competition and disruption.They’ll be […]

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Why is Australia on the rise?

The sun is shining.The sky is clear.The clouds are clearing.The Australian flag is flying high.But the world is still a long way from a new, brighter Australia.So why is Australia rising again?Is it simply a case of a rising economy?Or, more broadly, is it a case that the country has finally made the transition to […]

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How to use the Sun tarot with a new iPhone app

The Sun has a long history of creating decks that look more like an ancient, medieval calendar than the modern digital calendar.Now, the Sun has also launched a new smartphone app, and the cards have gotten even more interesting.The Sun tarots app lets you take advantage of a new “real-time” feature on the phone.The new […]

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How to remove a sunscreen protector

The sun will come out of your skin and on its own, so why not use some sunscreen and a sunscreen-covered eyeglass?A sunscreen is a type of substance that absorbs and reflects sunlight.Sunscreens also absorb some ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and the UV rays are emitted when sunlight hits the skin.UV rays cause skin cancer and […]

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