SUN MINGING, the popular singer, musician and poet who died last month after police detained him in an investigation into a rape allegation, was killed in custody, state media said on Saturday.

Sun Mingming, the famous singer, songwriter and poet, was found unconscious and unconscious with his hands cuffed in a room at the city jail on January 31, and his body was found on January 24 in the central city of Hangzhou, state-run Xinhua news agency said.

Police had arrested Sun Minging in Hangzhou on suspicion of raping a woman in June 2015.

They later released him after he confessed to the crime, Xinhua said.

Sun’s death has renewed debate about Beijing’s treatment of rape victims, who face a range of obstacles including the need to prove their innocence, the severity of the charges and how much they can expect to receive from the authorities.

He had written poems, performed in concerts and lectured extensively about the dangers of sexual violence, including the importance of seeking justice and making public statements about the issue.