Irish people with sun allergy will be able to enjoy sunnier weather for the first time in their lives next year after the Government announced it would extend the eligibility of people with the autoimmune condition to the rest of the UK.

A new eligibility test will be applied to people with an autoimmune condition that causes skin reactions to sunlight.

“You’ll always have the sunshine but it’s a very different experience,” said Eoin O’Brien, a Sunnyside resident and a spokesman for the Irish Sun-Herald newspaper.

The Government has been struggling to find an alternative to air-conditioning at times of severe weather, which is why the Sun-hire sun cream is now being rolled out on the island of Ireland.

The sun cream will be available in shops, online and through health centres in the coming weeks.

It is the latest move by the Government to encourage people to take up outdoor activities.

The National Weather Service has also warned that it could be dangerous to take sun protection into account.

Irish people with a sun allergy could be eligible to receive the sun cream if they have an existing condition.

They must be registered with the National Health Service and have a sun-induced skin reaction to sunlight in their system.

Sun allergy suffers are already allowed to receive sun-creams in England, Scotland and Wales, but are not eligible for free sun cream in Ireland.

People with sun-related conditions, like hay fever, hay fever sufferers and hay fever patients, can be eligible for sun cream online.

This includes people who have a skin reaction or skin inflammation to sunlight or have a condition that triggers it.

People with hay fever are not covered.

They can apply for suncreams through the National Sun-hearing Centre, which works with the health service.

Anyone who needs sun cream can get a free trial through the Department of Health’s Sun Creams Programme.

People who have hay fever can also apply for a free treatment of the treatment.

They can get it online at

In 2018, the Suncreams Programme was also extended to include people with autoimmune conditions.

Allergy sufferers with a hay fever or hay fever treatment will also be able access free suncream online.