NEW YORK (AP) Thousands of people packed the streets of Manhattan to watch a giant fireworks display that was a huge hit with New Yorkers after a record number of fireworks were lit in the wee hours of the morning.

The event drew more than 100,000 people and cost about $10 million, according to the city.

It was the largest single-day outdoor fireworks show in New York since a massive fire in the Bronx in 1891.

The fireworks show drew more people than any other in New Jersey or New York State this year, according a report from the city comptroller.

The average attendance was more than 20,000.

The city com­ptroller said the city could have used a bigger budget, but a record $10.9 million was raised to support the show.

The New York Fire Department said a total of 11,500 people were inside the show’s perimeter when it began at 9 a.m. and more than 3,500 showed up.

The total number of people who attended the show was 7,300.

The show was supposed to end with the biggest display in the history of the city, but organizers had to cancel the fireworks display after just 10 minutes.

It will now be up to a third of the way through the fireworks show to be completed.