A mother of two has decided to get her children’s sun hats on sale.

A family friend suggested that the mother of three, who is the wife of a prominent business owner in Texas, could make the decision.

The mom of two, who was born with spina bifida, said the hat is a symbol of freedom and freedom of speech, and is also a way to celebrate her baby’s birth.

“I am not trying to make money off of this hat,” said the mother.

“I love this hat and I have to wear it, I am proud of my child.”

She said her two boys have never looked down on her for her hat, which has a sun logo and an open mouth.

“It’s just a symbol that I can be myself, and that I do have a voice,” said a smiling mom, who asked not to be named.

The mother said she plans to buy her own hats and has planned to use the money to buy a bicycle.