Posted March 01, 2018 09:15:24 The state of South Australia has received over 30,000 reports of bald eagles being injured, injured, or killed by people.

The situation is becoming increasingly desperate with an increasing number of cases reported each week.

A spokeswoman for the South Australian Department of Agriculture and Fisheries said the state had received more than 22,000 calls for help from people reporting a bald eagle injury.

“People in South Australia have reported having a bald eagle injured in their yard, a bird that is killed or killed in the bush or in a field,” she said.

Some people are still using the term ‘bald eagle’ in their home but it is not appropriate.

She said the department would be working with animal rescuers, veterinarians, hunters and wildlife officials to find out how to deal with bald eaglets in South Africa.

It is not uncommon for the birds to be seen in the middle of the night, in the bushes or on the ground.

Bald eagles are often seen nesting in the wild.

While South Australia is not the only state where the bird has been injured or killed, many of its residents do not know what to do if they are injured.

In South Australia, the Department of Conservation advises people to: Use appropriate safety measures and ensure the bird is in a safe location, such as a bush or a field, before attempting to remove it.

Keep the bird out of sight and away from people and animals.

Remove the bird from the area and contact the Department for more information.

Call the Department on 1800 928 441 to speak to a vet.

People are also advised to avoid contact with the birds and not to let any other animals near them.

If you find an injured bald eagle, contact South Australia’s National Parks and Wildlife Service on 13 19 18.

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