Sun Tzu’s master’s thesis on warfare was a key point in his rise to the world’s most famous warrior, according to the university where he studied.

Sun Tzu, whose name translates as The Art of War, was one of the most prolific writers of the 20th century.

He wrote more than 70 books, most of them on the arts of war, warfare, strategy, tactics and tactics.

His work on warfare, and his view of the importance of a good general, inspired countless generations of Chinese scholars, military officers and other military leaders.

Sun Yat-sen, who succeeded him as emperor, said his thesis on the art of war was crucial to understanding the art.

It helped him to become a military leader, and to inspire and inspire the army, Sun Tzus said in an interview with the RTE news agency.

His thesis is on the tactics of warfare, Sun said.

It is not only about tactics, tactics is not the whole point of it, it is the understanding of tactics, Sun Yatsen said.

The title of Sun Tzes thesis is:The Art of Warfare.

Sun said that he would have preferred the title to be: The Art and Strategy of War.

Sun Tzi is the father of modern Chinese military history, said Wu Yingming, professor of Chinese at the University of Toronto, who studied Sun’s thesis.

The main purpose of his thesis is to bring the great general back into Chinese society and the country, Wu said.

In China, Sun has been revered as a hero.

He was revered as the father and leader of the People’s Liberation Army.