President Donald Trump may be able to ignore the Republican-led Congress, but the GOP-led Senate will still need to act.

The Senate on Thursday passed a bill to delay President Donald J. Trump’s executive orders on immigration, health care and other key issues, the Senate Republican leader said.

The measure was passed by a 51-48 vote.

It passed the Senate and is now headed to the House, where Democrats are expected to block the legislation.

The vote was the first significant action by Republicans to block Trump’s policies in more than a year.

The House of Representatives is expected to take up the bill in the coming days.

The bill would delay the president’s executive order on immigration by two months and allow federal agencies to apply for waivers to implement the orders, which have caused uncertainty and controversy for hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the country illegally.

It also would give states the ability to set up “sanctuary cities” that protect immigrants from being deported or arrested if they have committed no crime.

It would also provide $100 million for local law enforcement to expand programs for the integration of immigrants and would allow the president to waive a federal hiring requirement that was imposed under former President Barack Obama.

The legislation was approved in a vote of 227-205.

Democrats in the House voted in support of the bill, and they have said they will block the bill if it goes to the Senate.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said he will support the bill.

He said the bill will do nothing to protect American workers.

“This bill does nothing to solve our national security challenges,” Schumer said.

“This bill is the worst of all worlds: it provides sanctuary to people who are already here, it allows the president, who is clearly out of control, to continue to violate our immigration laws, it gives him a pass on enforcing our laws, and it allows him to do whatever he wants with our country.”

Democrats will oppose this bill if Republicans pass it.

They will not support it if Republicans vote for it.

“Democrats have repeatedly warned that Trump’s immigration order will lead to chaos, with Democrats and immigration advocates worried that many families in the U.S. illegally will not be able access health care or education.

Trump has said that the orders are necessary to protect Americans from “bad dudes.”