With its big screen and large screen display, iPhone 6 is the perfect smartphone for those who love to create.

But if you’re looking for a little more space on your iPhone, consider using a smaller screen size or a phone with a smaller display.

The most common reason for this is that the display of your smartphone is getting smaller and smaller.

That means you need a larger display.

However, there are plenty of other ways you can make your iPhone look bigger.

To make your phone look bigger, try these 10 tips.1.

Use a background image or icon2.

Use an animated backgroundImage credit: Anshuman Singh/Mint 3.

Use one of our free icons4.

Make your iPhone a more beautiful iPhone5.

Add a design element to your iPhone6.

Make the iPhone a better looking iPhone7.

Use text or emoji on your home screenIf you need more inspiration, check out these 12 cool iPhone 6+ themes for you.1) Beautiful, dark wallpaper with a dark background2) Gorgeous, colorful wallpapers with a background and a cute little icon3) Beautiful wallpaper with text and a little icon4) Textured, dark and beautiful wallpaper with an icon and a dark backdrop5) Texturing your wallpaper with gradient lines and text6) Textural wallpaper with color gradient7) Texture your wallpaper using the app of your choice8) Texturizing your iPhone with wallpaper using an app of choice9) Texturally enhancing your wallpaper10) Texturosy a beautiful wallpaper for your home wall11) Textures your iPhone using the theme of your choosing.12) Textual wallpaper with dark background and textural wallpaper.