Capri has become a favorite with many fans and a staple of many of the Caps’ regular season home games.

The popular dessert was introduced by Caps forward Ryan O’Reilly in 2010.

O’Connor is now a part of the OHL’s Victoria Royals, and the Capri Sunshine Creamery is in his hometown of Victoria, British Columbia.

Capri Sunshine’s owners, Mark and Amy O’Leary, say they started the company in 2009 to promote Capri.

In 2012, Capri became one of the first non-alcoholic beverages to be included in a Stanley Cup championship.

“It was an amazing, unbelievable feeling when we started the business,” Mark O’Neil said.

“The people of Victoria love Capri and it has been such a great, amazing journey to be a part with Capri for the last 11 years.” 

The family also owns a small business called Capri Chocolate and Ice Cream in Richmond, BC.

As the company continues to grow, Capris Sunshine Creameries has expanded to serve as a supplier to NHL teams and players.

On Friday, the team opened a new store in Vancouver, which will sell Capri products to the public for the first time in 2017.

The Caps will have two more home games in 2017-18.

They will face the Philadelphia Flyers on Saturday at Rogers Arena, and then host the Vancouver Canucks on Wednesday at BC Place.

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