Jap man arrested for posting fake news on Facebook

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.— Police in southern California say a man arrested earlier this week for posting a fake news story on Facebook is facing felony charges.The Los Angeles Times reported Friday that 38-year-old Jose Gonzalez was arrested on suspicion of creating and publishing false information.According to the Times, Gonzalez was also charged with a third […]

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How to make sun maid raisins

Raisins are the most commonly eaten Indian snack, and the recipe for them has become a staple in Indian cuisine.They’re traditionally cooked with garlic and onions, and are traditionally made with a variety of pulses.But with the arrival of summer in the country, the sun maid recipe has also made its way into the hearts […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Follow @WalshSun on Twitter

The sun gazer, a prominent member of the sun-seeking public, is not going anywhere.But he has some advice for you: Don’t follow him.The hashtag has been used to amplify the work of the SunGazette and its staff, who have focused on the safety of the Great Lakes and surrounding communities.Here’s how to avoid following him.SunGaze […]

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What you need to know about sun poisoning symptoms in China

Sun poisoning is a severe, potentially fatal condition that affects the eyes, skin and respiratory system.Symptoms include severe headache, fever, muscle pain, loss of consciousness, seizures, coma and death.The symptoms typically start in early morning and usually resolve within two days.Sun poisoning symptoms can be found in parts of China, especially in China’s far eastern […]

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How to read a moon landing chart

Sun, moon and stars are the brightest stars in the sky.They are also the most common objects to see when the moon is near.Here are 10 simple things to do to make sure you know when to look up at the sky and when to stay home.1.When the moon rises The time of sunrise, moonrise […]

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